Professional Development Event #1 – Resume Seminar

For my first professional development event, I attended a student-athlete seminar on how to write a resume. The presentation was given by associate director of the career center David Leibig, who also serves as the Liaison to athletics. During the presentation, Mr. Leibig touched on the importance of advertising ourselves to the best of our abilities. He stressed the fact that employers may only look at a resume for 30 seconds and frequently used the phrase “sell don’t tell” to remind us how important it is to make a good first impression. During the seminar, we also reviewed multiple sample resumes so we could get a better idea of how ours should look. I found this seminar to be very helpful. I personally have never written a formal resume so this gave me a very good idea of what I should focus on when writing my own. The seminar also showed me how I can use collegiate athletics to strengthen my resume. Overall, I think attending this seminar will turn out to be a huge help when it comes time for me to start writing my own resume.